Due to Covid 19, and the changes over the last two years, the classes we are offering now differ to those described below in our classes are of greater mixed abilities.

We train on a Monday & Thursday evening, and where possible try to ensure dogs of comparable standards are grouped in the same class.

Please contact us for details.

Obedience training classes at CCAG are divided between Beginners Classes, Novice Classes, Junior Classes and Intermediate Classes and are aimed at the Companion Pet Dog.

We are Kennel Club Listed and offer the opportunity to take the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze, Silver and Gold tests.

Beginners Classes are normally for handlers and dogs moving on from the Puppy Class wishing to progress their training.  However, they can also include inexperienced older dogs that have not had any or much training, or are just returning to training following a break.

This class will expand on and develop the techniques taught in Puppy Class, to imitate real life experiences and situations, and also introduce fun things to do with your dog.  All vital in maintaining and nurturing the bond between you and your best friend.

So if you wish to continue training after Puppy Class, or have an older dog that is new to training, we can provide the Beginners Class to help you.

Novice Classes are the next stage after Beginners Class; whereby we gently encourage the dogs with further consolidation of what they have already learned, whilst introducing newer exercises as they continue to progress.

Junior Classes continues to proof the existing activities, and introduces more individual exercises.

Intermediate Classes are for handlers and dogs that have consistently improved in the Junior Class and would benefit from being pushed further.

Classes involve more advanced methods of training and include improvement and consolidation of the more individual exercises.

As with all our training, it is aimed to augment the handler and dogs everyday life experience, but above all, it is intended to remain interesting and fun.